About Rock-Solid

Overview of our Business

Rock-Solid Engineering Construction Company Limited (“Rock-Solid”) is established in 2019 with the major business in providing customized building services of mixed bamboo and metal scaffolding (aluminum alloy and bamboo) to clients. The custom-built working platform is applicable to various construction works, including replacement and rehabilitation of drainage pipes on the façade of the building, replacement of aluminium window components, and erection and dismantling of the split type air-conditioner, etc. Nowadays, Bamboo scaffolding is one of the few intangible cultural heritages that still rooted in people’s lives and activities in Hong Kong with its properties of high flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness.
棚車相 | 十安建築

Assurance of Quality and Safety

Product Features

Our workers refer and follow the regulations on erection of the “Single lift type truss-out bamboo scaffold”, which is issued by the Hong Kong Labour Department, to ensure the scaffold is safe and secure to use. To provide the maximum degree of safety to workers, anchor devices (known as “eye bolt”) are installed at appropriate locations on the scaffold and a suitable safety belt attached to an independent lifeline is securely suspended.